Top 10 Reasons the Palos Heights Family is Thankful

From Our Family to Yours

This year, more than ever, we’re feeling grateful for our patients. Now that it’s almost Thanksgiving, we thought we’d share the top 10 reasons our Palos Heights family is thankful.

  1. Your family’s resilience and humor keep us smiling. 
  2. We appreciate the curiosity and interest you show when you open our emails. We always try to share dental topics that will be helpful and interesting. Let us know if there are other questions we could answer for you – there are probably others who are interested too.
  3. We love hearing about your experiences with us through Google reviews, Facebook reviews, and Yelp. We pay close attention to what matters to you. 
  4. You’ve helped keep your fellow patients and us safe by following all of our safety protocols during the pandemic. It’s not always easy, but it makes a difference.
  5. You’re taking great care of your teeth at home and by keeping your appointments here. We’ve seen almost everyone since we reopened on June 1st! Preventative care is so important.
  6. Lots of you celebrated a healthy Halloween by donating extra candy in our candy drop-off.
  7. That also means you supported our extended Palos Heights family of first-responders with those candy donations to help keep their energy and spirits up.
  8. You’ve kept us busy enough to bring a new doctor into the practice! We are proud to add Dr. Saba Sheikh DDS to our family. We’ll be introducing her to you very soon on our website and via email.
  9. We love serving and being part of the Palos Heights community. 
  10. Our Palos Heights family wouldn’t be complete without YOU!

Getting to Know the Palos Heights Family

We hope you feel like family when you’re here – that’s how we see you. We might spend most of our time talking about your teeth, but we care about the whole person and your whole family. 

Dr. Nina Arora explains, “It’s always fun to work with generations of families. Our practice has several families that we see everyone from the grandchildren to the grandparents and we have a great time with all of them.”

That’s why we thought you might like to learn more about our whole Palos Heights family. You can see our silly picture and read a little bit about our team here. We’ll be sharing Q&As with various members of the staff over the coming months.

Let us know what questions we should ask them!


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