Dental X-Ray Safety: A Walk In the Park

X-Rays Are Safe and Important for Oral Health People often wonder about dental x-ray safety. Easy question – it’s about exactly as safe as a walk in the park. We’ll explain that more later. First we want to make one thing absolutely clear. We would never recommend something that was unsafe for our patients. X-rays […]

In the News: Foods That Strengthen Teeth, Told By Our Own Dr. Nina Arora

Our own Dr. Nina Arora had the opportunity to provide insight on Foods That Can Help Strengthen Your Teeth in a September, 2020 blog post on the Acteh website. (Acteh is a producer of electric toothbrushes.) Read the full article here.   To schedule an appointment, fill out this form, or call our office at […]

Keeping Up with Dental Alignment During This Public Health Crisis is Essential

When you’re in the process of straightening out your smile, you know better than anyone that dental alignment is an ever-evolving process requiring constant care. It’s an investment you make in your  long-term health and appearance. You might still be early in the process, or it could be almost that amazing day when the last […]