Palos Heights Family Dental Staff Q&A: Welcome Dr. Saba Sheikh

Learning More About Who’s Behind Those Masks

When you’re here for an appointment, it’s all about you, as it should be! We love getting to know our patients and families. As well as we know you, we thought you might like to get to know the Palos Heights Family Dental staff a little bit better too. That’s why we’re initiating our Q&A series. Every month or so, we’ll shine the spotlight on one of our amazing staff (aka family) members. We hope you enjoy learning what makes us tick. 

This first Palos Heights Family Dental staff Q&A is an especially special one. We are proud to introduce you to our newest dentist, Dr. Saba Sheikh DDS, joining our practice in December 2020 after more than 10 years at Sonrisa Family Dental. She shares our philosophy of care for and connection with her patients, and we know you’ll love her. You can read her professional bio here, and get to know her a little more personally in the Q&A below.

Q&A with Palos Heights Family Center Staff Member Dr. Saba Sheikh

Q: Why Did You Decide to Become a Dentist?

A: I always knew I would! You might not believe it, but I have a journal from 2nd grade where I wrote that I wanted to be a dentist. My interest only increased along the way. When I had braces at a very young age, I experienced a wonderful change in my own confidence. I saw how this intricate work makes a huge difference in a smile and a life, and I wanted even more to help other people be happier and be more confident. I consider dentistry to be both art and science. My driven, process-oriented, focused, and precise side is a perfect fit, and so is my artistic, creative side that loves to work with my hands. 

Q: You said in your bio that you enjoy trying new cuisines. Is it the eating or the cooking that you enjoy? What have you been enjoying lately?

A: I enjoy both eating and cooking!  Lately, I’ve been learning about and loving Afghan cuisine. There’s a comfort food recipe called Chicken Tikka Masala I kept making over and over during the quarantine. It’s a dish of roasted marinated chicken cooked in a creamy, spicy curry.. Yum! I also like cooking traditional Indian food. Even though my background is Pakistani, I usually don’t cook Pakistani food. That’s not because I don’t like it though. It’s because my mom’s cooking is so good – I just let her make that for me!

Q: You also mentioned that you love reading hardcopy books. Do you have any favorites or recommendations?

A: I have a bit of a guilty pleasure favorite in the Twilight series. I couldn’t wait to read the latest installment, Midnight Sun. For some reason, but I really enjoy stories about vampires. Do you think it’s the fangs? I do enjoy serious reading as well. The latest is a book called Untamed, by Glennon Doyle, about self-discovery and not settling. I must admit that despite the challenges 2020 brought, I’ve appreciated the time to read multiple books. There have been some years when I’ve had trouble finishing just one..

Q: You grew up around Chicago – do you have any favorite spots around town?

A: Yes, I’m from Tinley Park originally. Some of my favorite destinations are the skyline view from the Museum Campus downtown near the Planetarium, the Chicago Botanic Gardens, and the Morton Arboretum, where my kids and I love to explore.


Q: Final question. We’ve all had an interesting 2020. Can you share some things you learned professionally and personally?

A: Professionally, I learned even more about safety. Dentists are trained to be cautious about hygiene, sanitation, and safety. Standards are generally high, but it seems to me we’ve been missing some easy extra precautions, like always wearing a face shield. Covid was definitely a wakeup call to set the standard even higher with the most stringent safety protocol, even under normal circumstances. It’s just not that hard, and it’s so important.

Personally, I learned that there’s more to experience all around. I already shared that I’ve been enjoying reading more. But I’m also cooking more, and finding real connections. I feel like I’ve been more grounded, feeding my own soul. I had started to feel like we saw each other almost in passing. Spending more time with family and feeling closer with everyone has been a true blessing, and healthy in a way I never would have expected during a pandemic!

Time for a Visit?

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