What Do Acidic Foods & Drinks Do to Teeth?

Acid is one of the worst things for your teeth because it wears away your enamel, making your teeth more susceptible to tooth decay. Here, we’ll explain which acidic foods and drinks you should avoid, what enamel erosion does to your teeth, and how to prevent your enamel from weakening.

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What Acidic Food & Drinks Should You Avoid?

There are a number of acidic foods and drinks that you should avoid so as not to weaken your enamel. Wine is extremely high in acid, whether it’s red, white, or rose. Fruit juice (especially cranberry, orange, and apple), coffee, and soda are other drinks that contain a lot of acid. Similarly, citric fruits like oranges, limes, and lemons are very acidic, but these are actually healthy for you so be sure to eat them while also washing them down with water. Sour candies like gummies and hard candies are high in sugar and acid so be sure to stay away from them at all costs. Other acidic foods include pickles and tomato products like ketchup, hot sauce, salsa, and pasta sauce.

What Does Enamel Erosion By Acid Do to Your Teeth?

There are a number of symptoms of enamel erosion by acid. Teeth often feel more sensitive to hot or cold drinks, they become discolored and yellower as the weakened enamel causes the dentin to show through, cracks develop at the edges of teeth, dents appear on the chewing surfaces, fillings may look like they’re rising out of the tooth, and your teeth start looking more rounded. Other major and extreme effects of enamel erosion include developing an abscess or experiencing tooth loss.

How Can You Prevent Your Enamel From Eroding If You Consume Acidic Foods?

If you eat or drink acidic foods be sure to wait an hour before you brush your teeth so that your saliva has the opportunity to naturally wash away the acids and remineralize your enamel. You should also drink water alongside or after you eat or drink any acidic foods so that the water can wash the acid away. Consuming dairy with acidic foods can also help neutralize acids through the calcium they contain. If you are drinking something like a soft drink or other acidic beverage, sip it through a straw so as to reduce the amount of contact you have with your teeth. Saliva is a natural remineralizer so after eating acidic things, chew some sugarless gum to increase your salivary flow. Additionally, if you have to indulge in acidic foods, eat them with your meals rather than while you’re snacking so that the acids will be neutralized by the foods you eat beside the acidic ones.

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