Advanced Dental Technology And What It Means For You

You may have heard the term “advanced dental technology” before and thought, “yeah, right ok” and immediately forgot about it. We’re here to set the record straight that modern dental technology means a lot for your overall dental experience in many ways you may not have thought possible! Let me explain.

Advanced Dental Technology

In this day and age, technology is moving forward at an enormous pace. Everything is getting smaller, faster, and more convenient. Well, dental technology has stayed right up there in that trend. We know how it is; going to the dentist is not generally known as a good time. In fact, some people dread it altogether, with their fear turning into an actual phobia. Don’t fret, dental technologies can make a huge difference to your examination. But how?

All that depends on the technology in question. Luckily for you, all the technology listed here is currently being utilized at Palos Heights Family Dental.

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral Camera
The intraoral camera is a very small handheld device that sends high quality images to a monitor for both the Dentist and patient to observe. Let’s get one thing out on the table; it’s not easy to see the inside of our mouths, even for dentists with special mirrors. The intraoral camera allows Drs. Arora and Patel to make an accurate diagnosis by giving them a clear look at every nook and cranny in and around your teeth.

But that isn’t all! You as a patient can also be privy to the same visuals that the dentist’s are seeing. This will help you fully understand what is happening to your teeth and why the diagnosis and treatment plan is being suggested. The more you know, the more you’ll be able to make educated decisions regarding your oral health and how to prevent bad things from happening in the future.

Rotary Endodontics

Rotary Endodontics
Endodontics is a fancy term for root canal therapy. Oh no, the dreaded root canal. Well, with rotary endodontics, Drs. Arora and Patel are able to perform precise and reliable root canal therapies, every single time. When they are able to work swiftly, it means less time in the dental chair for you wondering where you should look. Root canal therapy is not as scary as it sounds, and most people say that the pain of the infected tooth is much worse than the actual root canal therapy. This rings especially true with rotary endodontics!

Digital x-rays

Digital X-rays
Digital X-rays are much easier to take than the older, more conventional X-rays. They emit significantly less radiation, and they are available for viewing much faster. This means less time in the dental chair! Are we seeing a common theme here?

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous Oxide
This one has been around for a while, but it has not lost its significance for the patient! Nitrous oxide is a gas that is mixed with oxygen and inhaled through the nose or mouth. It quickly puts those under the influence in a state of extreme relaxation and well being. This is a great option for those with dental anxiety, plus it is completely safe for children. One of the good things about nitrous oxide is that once it is removed, a couple minutes of normal breathing will have you feeling back to normal, allowing you to go about your day as usual.

The Conclusion?

Advanced dental technologies make treatments much easier to perform and diagnose for the dentist. This in turn means that you as the patient will receive much faster, and sometimes better, treatments. Palos Heights Family Dental is dedicated to the comfort and well being of their patients, so we remain up to date with leading-edge dental technologies.

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