Is a Broken Tooth a Dental Emergency?

young woman holding her jaw in pain with a broken tooth

There’s nothing quite as scary as breaking a tooth. First, there’s the pain to deal with, and then you need to think about what to do. Is a broken tooth a dental emergency? Broken teeth can be serious and need same-day emergency care. Here’s what you should know:

A Broken Tooth Is a Common Dental Emergency

Nobody ever wants to break a tooth, but things happen. Chips most often affect the front teeth, while cracks are more common in the molars. Crowns, bridges, or dentures can chip and crack, as well. Both chips and cracks can happen when you bite into something hard or grind your teeth a lot. Untreated cavities can also weaken your tooth structure and make breaks more likely.

Falling or getting hit in the face can cause tooth damage, too. If the accident is serious, the impact can knock your tooth out. In this situation, getting care as soon as possible is essential to saving your tooth.

Broken Teeth Can Hurt & Become More Damaged Without Treatment

If your damaged tooth is causing you pain, you will want to get care as soon as possible. Pain means that the inside of the tooth, where all the nerves are, is exposed. Broken teeth aren’t always painful, especially if the damage is very small. You should still seek out care as soon as you notice an issue. Untreated damage weakens your tooth, making it vulnerable to more breaks. Broken teeth can also collect bacteria and cause infections.

Getting Care at Palos Heights Family Dental

If you experience a broken tooth, contact our Palos Heights office as soon as you can. We take same-day appointments for emergencies. During your visit, our team will check out what’s going on and discuss your treatment options. Depending on your insurance provider, they may cover your visit. If they don’t, we have flexible payment methods. Not getting care for a broken tooth, even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal at first, can cause an even bigger dental emergency. We want to be sure you avoid that.

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