Keeping Up with Dental Alignment During This Public Health Crisis is Essential


When you’re in the process of straightening out your smile, you know better than anyone that dental alignment is an ever-evolving process requiring constant care. It’s an investment you make in your  long-term health and appearance. You might still be early in the process, or it could be almost that amazing day when the last aligner tray comes out for good. Either way, it’s not something to put off, even during a pandemic.

Keep the Pressure On

Orthodontic care can be tough, even in the best of situations. From awkwardness to the aches and pains of shifting teeth, there’s always something to think about, and maintenance is essential.

You might think it’s OK to relax a little or maybe even put off a scheduled appointment. 

Especially when nothing is “normal” with work and school and stress is in the air. And we know some of our patients are hesitant to visit the dentist with COVID-19 still lurking.

But trust us, continuing your dental alignment process is the best thing you can do.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

There’s a reason you’re doing this. If you keep up with your dental alignment, you’ll reach your goals that much sooner! Just keep thinking about your reasons for going through it in the first place, like:

  1. Make more room for crowded teeth
  2. Close gaps between teeth
  3. Even out top and bottom teeth
  4. Correct an underbite or overbite
  5. A straight (or straighter) smile

Dental Alignment: Remember the Basics

Our patients are pros, so you’re probably all over it. But a little reminder (or nudge) never hurt anyone. Here are the things you should be sure to keep up with:

  1. Cleaning up: Brush, floss, and rinse carefully after each meal, even lunch, even if you’re at school. And don’t forget to brush your aligners too – you’ll be glad you did.
  2. Wearing well: You need to keep your clear aligners in 22 hours a day. The only reason you should remove them is to eat. Remember, for every 3 hours (at a time) you leave your aligner out, you’ll set yourself back three days in your treatment! And be forewarned – we can always tell!
  3. Changing up: Timing matters in this process. At each visit, we give you your next three or four sets of trays. Now it’s up to you. You’ll need to keep track and change aligner trays every two weeks. 
  4. Checking in: Dental alignment is a precise science. We need to see you every six weeks to provide the next set of trays and make sure there are no issues. Our office is employing best practices and state-of-the art technology for sterilization to stay safe during COVID. Your orthodontic care is too important to skip! Dental alignment isn’t something to ease up on, even during a pandemic.

We are following all guidelines, using best practices, and state-of-the art technology to keep you and us safe during the pandemic. Caring for braces is too important to skip!

We want you to be completely comfortable visiting our office. Please review the things we’re doing to allow us to serve you and stay safe from COVID.

To schedule an appointment, fill out this form, or call our office at (708) 448-­7588. 


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