Foods That Stain Your Teeth

Even the most diligent brushers have to deal with yellowed or stained teeth from time to time. This is because regardless of how well we brush our teeth, or how often we use whitening toothpaste, there are some foods that over time will discolor your teeth. Here are just a few of the worst offenders.


Pasta Sauce

On weeknights when you just want to make something easy for dinner, many of us turn to pasta. Tomato-based pasta sauces are great sources of lycopene, but what makes it a good nutritional source is also what gives it great-staining powers: tomatoes. Pasta sauce also has acidity and the bright red color of the tomatoes easily clings to teeth. If you’re having a salad with dinner, perhaps eat your salad after you have your pasta, as green leafy vegetables will gently scrub the surface of your teeth and remove some of the staining from the pasta sauce.

Balsamic Vinegar

If your salad happens to be topped with balsamic vinegar, however, you may be in for a double-whammy in terms of tooth staining. Balsamic vinegar is healthy, but its dark natural color sticks to your teeth and will cause staining if not brushed away quickly. You don’t have to ditch this dressing, though. Just be sure to chew on a crunchy green leaf, like lettuce, to keep the sauce from coloring your teeth.


All berries are powerhouses for antioxidants, and while their health benefits are bountiful, they are not so friendly to your pearly whites. The deep hue of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries have very powerful staining effects, whether they’re eaten or drunk from a juice. If you eat or drink anything with these dark berries, swish your mouth vigorously with water afterwards to reduce their staining power.

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