3 of the Best & Worst Halloween Candy for Kids’ Teeth

Halloween is just around the corner! This means spooky ghouls and goblins will soon be coming to your front door asking for treats. But what is best to give trick-or-treaters to preserve the health of their teeth? Not all candy is created equal. If you’re concerned about the dental health of your children or neighbors, you may want to read up on the best and worst Halloween Candy for kids’ teeth.

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Why Sugar Is Bad for Teeth

Halloween is a time-honored tradition for kids all over the United States. It’s a chance to dress up and have fun, while indulging in some of our favorite treats. The problem is that so many of these sweet treats have negative consequences. Sugar particles mix with bacteria in our mouths to cause an acidic environment.

This acid breaks down the outer layer of our teeth, or the enamel. This can lead to cavities, plaque, and gum disease. While we don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun, there is a way to enjoy the holiday and still be mindful of your dental health.

Worst Halloween Candy for Teeth

It may not surprise you to learn that the number one worst candy for Halloween is anything that contains chewy or sticky ingredients. This includes gummies, taffy, and caramels. These types of sweets are harder to remove from teeth and can easily lead to cavities. The second worst type of candy is hard candy.

Like chewy candy, they are hard to fully clean off of teeth. Sour candy is also a culprit, making it the third worst Halloween candy for teeth. Sour candy is highly acidic and can erode the enamel of the teeth.

Best Halloween Candy for Teeth

The best type of candy you can give for oral health is sugar free candy. While we know that’s less fun, you can rest assured knowing that damage won’t be done to teeth. For older kids, sugar free gum is a great way to keep breath fresh and teeth clean.

It can be fun to blow bubbles with sugar free gum. Finally, the third best option for healthy Halloween candy is chocolate. That’s because it’s the most easily removable of all sugary candy. Remember that extra ingredients like caramel may cause problems. Dark chocolate is best.

Tips to Have Healthy Halloween

The bottom line is that candy should be consumed minimally. On holidays, make sure to enjoy moderately and ALWAYS brush teeth for two minutes before bedtime. We recommend giving away excess candy on the day after Halloween so that your kids won’t be tempted to continue to eat it. Although Halloween candy consumption can be okay, everyday candy will take its toll on teeth.

We wish you a safe, fun, and Happy Halloween! Contact us to schedule an appointment to clean your teeth!

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