Meet Dr. Arora, DDS

Meet Dr. Arora, your Palos Heights family dentist! While she may be known to you for orthodontics and providing exceptional patient comfort, she isn’t only passionate about dentistry.

Dr. Arora at Palos Heights Family Dental

Dr. Nina Arora, DDS

What’s your favorite thing about Palos Heights, IL?
I love all the natural beauty in the area. Our practice is right next to Lake Katherine which is a great place to take walks with beautiful views.

Where is your ideal vacation spot?
My husband and I love travelling, especially anywhere with mountains.

Describe YOUR first dental visit that you can remember as a child.
When I was growing up, my dentist was always kind. I hope our patients feel the same way.

What is your philosophy about dental care?
We take pride in treating our patients like family, and providing the same quality of treatment to all of our patients that we would for our own families.

How do you hope people feel when visiting Palos Heights Family Dental?
I hope that they feel welcome and that they have a great time when they come into the office. We love getting to know our patients and especially love watching our youngest patients grow through the years.

What is your favorite meal and who cooks it?
My family loves taco night, it’s a favorite when we all get together.

What inspires you to do comedy?
Music and acting have always been my side hobbies, comedy is my most recent adventure!

What is your favorite thing about working with families?
It’s always fun to work with generations of families. Our practice has several families that we see everyone from the grandchildren to the grandparents and we have a great time with all of them.

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