Dental Technologies: Dentist Shows X-ray on Tablet

Staying Invested in Advanced Dental Care Technologies

Palos Heights Family Dental Keeps Patients at the Forefront of Proven Dental Technologies Dental technologies date back as far as 7000 BC, according to the History of Dentistry website. And the need for dental care dates back even further. Imagining what that might have meant back then is almost impossible, and definitely unpleasant. But over […]

Palos Heights Family Dental staff participate in team building exercises

Team Building Among the Trees

Dental Office Team Members Visit Morton Arboretum for Fun, Improv and Team Building You might think that we’re either in the office thinking about our patients or out of the office thinking about other things. But the truth is, we are all so connected and committed to our patients that we make time out of […]

Palos Heights: Dr. Umang Patel stands in front of new facility under renovation

Breaking Ground

New Palos Heights Family Dental Office Will Mean More Room and Convenience for Patients We are excited to announce that Palos Heights Family Dental is moving to a bigger, newly renovated office space!  In the summer of 2021, we welcomed the patients of retiring local dentist, Dr. Patricoski. Since then, we’ve loved every minute of […]

Woman suffering TMJ pain on a foggy day

Talking TMJ Awareness

TMJ Awareness Month and an offer on Botox services to help ease the pain this November Each November, many dental practices highlight TMJ awareness. The national designation is an annual reminder that TMJ, or temporomandibular joints (the joints on each side of the jaw) and disorders/dysfunction related to them, can affect your dental and overall […]

In Modern Wellness Weekly: Putting An Effort Into Dental Hygiene

Dr. Umang Patel was recently featured in a Modern Wellness Weekly article, “Putting An Effort Into Dental Hygiene,” by Lisa Iannucci. For National Dental Hygiene Month, he spoke about the importance of good oral health. Here’s an excerpt from the article: Check out the full article for more advice from Dr. Patel. To schedule an […]

Sensitive Teeth and Stress: Male touches cheek and winces due to pain

Sensitive Teeth and Stress

Are you Swallowing Your Stress? The COVID-19 pandemic made many things painfully clear, including the link between sensitive teeth and stress. Stress is at the root of several things that can lead to sensitive teeth, among other dental issues. Some of the biggest ways stress shows are changes in diet, grinding and clenching, and preventative […]

Dr. Umang Patel

In the News: Here’s How Often You Should Change Your Toothbrush

Dr. Umang Patel was recently featured in a article, “Here’s How Often You Should Change Your Toothbrush,” by Carolyn Steber. The article details the importance of proper toothbrush hygiene, which can prevent the growth of bacteria and mold, and how to make your toothbrush last longer. Here’s an excerpt from the article: Check out […]