Palos Heights Family Dental Staff Q&A: Hygienist Tricia

Getting to Know Palos Heights Family Dental Hygienist Tricia

Time to get to know another one of our Palos Heights dental hygienists! This time, we sat down with hygienist Tricia and channeled our inner journalists to get the inside story for you.

Q&A with Palos Heights Family Dental Hygienist Tricia

Q. How long have you been a dental hygienist?

I’ve been a dental hygienist for 21 years. Before that, I was a dental assistant for three years.

Q. Did you always want to be a hygienist? If not, how did you decide that’s what you wanted to do?

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a mom and a teacher when I grew up. I ended up becoming a dental assistant, and that’s when I started thinking about dental hygiene. The Doctor I worked for at the time encouraged me to go to either Hygiene or Dental school. Everything worked out as it should!

Q. What do you think it is that makes you a great hygienist? How do you approach your job?

In dental hygiene school, I won the Hu Friedy Golden Scaler Award. This is an award given to ONE hygienist in the program that demonstrates great teamwork and remarkable skills. My goal is to live up to that award for the rest of my career. 

That means putting everybody at ease, making them feel as comfortable as possible, and helping them be healthy. I want my patients to feel like they are coming to visit a friend when they have an appointment with me. I’m extremely caring and compassionate with every patient. 

I also love to educate my patients and make sure they leave my operatory with no questions. Come to think of it, I did sort of become a teacher after all!

Tricia DeFiore and familyQ. Can you share what you love about Palos Heights and the surrounding area?

The Palos Heights area (and surrounding towns) is a wonderful community. Very family-friendly and filled with the most amazing people. Lake Katherine is right outside our back door, and there are always so many fun things to do around town.

Q. You must hear some funny comments in your conversations during cleanings — care to share?

I get asked regularly if I can stop by my patients’ homes to floss them every morning. 

Tricia DeFiore and family membersQ. What do you like to do in your spare time?

As I mentioned earlier, I love to hike with my family. We love traveling to Michigan and have dreams of traveling to as many national parks as we can. I also love to read and watch documentaries. 

Q. Back to work-life — as a dental hygienist, what’s your best advice for patients?

My top advice for my patients is to brush and floss daily (of course, haha), and stay consistent with preventative care. Catching things early is key. The more they see me for prevention, the better opportunities we have to avoid major work. 

Q. Any parting thoughts you’d like to share?

Here’s a quote, which I love and try to live by: “Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person.” 

That’s a wrap on our chat with hygienist Tricia. Keep an eye out next month for our next Palos Heights Family Dental Hygienist Q&A, and in case you missed it, check out our Q&A with hygienist Gayle.

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