Dental office employee works on a tablet while sitting at a desk which also has dental tools on it

Smart Dental Offices Go Digital

A blue computer mouse, with its cord shaped to resemble a tooth

Digital Office Patient Experience and Administration Technologies

You can find updated technology everywhere in our Palos Heights and Romeoville offices. So far, we’ve focused on technology for dental procedures, including leading technologies like electric drills, digital x-ray imaging, and even same-day crowns.

We invest in these proven technologies to make your experience more comfortable and efficient. We keep our eyes on the latest dental industry developments so that we can continue to invest in the right technologies at the right time.

You can find plenty of technology beyond the dental chair too. Nearly all tools and processes have a digital component now. We use technology to improve everything from your check-in and visit experience to how we secure and store your records and communicate with other entities.

Palos Heights Office Technologies

We invest in digital technologies in our office for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, we do it for your comfort and convenience. We also do it to support our staff and to maintain safety for all. Here are some of the technologies you’ll see around our office.

Paperless Check-In

Ever since we re-opened after the COVID-19 closure in 2020, we’ve been using tablets for all of our paperwork, sanitized between every use, of course. We could’ve done without the COVID part, but this shift is a welcome change and one we’re happy to continue as a modern dental practice.

Digital Patient Record Retention

Dental office employee works on a tablet while sitting at a desk which also has dental tools on it
Accessing patient records electronically allows for a tidier office with limitless space for digital information.

The days of massive filing cabinets and voluminous paper records are behind us. Electronic records are the way of the future, and we’re here for that change too. This new digital process sets us up for a tidier office with limitless space for electronic information, and in addition, will definitely save some trees!

It also facilitates seamless communications with other practitioners (specifically for patient care) and clients alike. We stay up-to-date on notes from previous visits, x-ray images, payments, insurance information, etc. We keep your data safe and follow all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations just as we did with paper records.

Flat Screen TVs

You know we have to have some fun too. Our flat-screen TVs can help us take your mind off your worries and keep the kids occupied during your visit. You know us, we love a great conversation with our patients, but sometimes a little digital distraction can go a long way.

The Bottom Line on Dental Office Technologies

It’s really all about you. You know we love you like family, and that means making sure you have the latest and greatest technologies to make your visit as pleasant, safe, and sanitary as we possibly can. Next time you’re here, take a look around and ask us all of your questions about the dental and office technology that surrounds us. Of course, you can also call us anytime.

To schedule your next visit, complete our contact form or call our office at (708) 448-­7588.

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