Dental Technologies: Dentist Shows X-ray on Tablet

Staying Invested in Advanced Dental Care Technologies

Dental Technologies: Dentist Shows X-ray on Tablet

Palos Heights Family Dental Keeps Patients at the Forefront of Proven Dental Technologies

Dental technologies date back as far as 7000 BC, according to the History of Dentistry website. And the need for dental care dates back even further. Imagining what that might have meant back then is almost impossible, and definitely unpleasant. But over the centuries, each advancement has moved the practice of dental care forward in the interest of patient health. Along the way, dentistry has evolved dramatically into the relatively comfortable practice you experience today.

Here in Palos Heights, we take great care to stay connected to all of the latest developments and watch for evidence showing new dental technologies that are proven and ready to make your experience better, faster, easier, more comfortable, and maybe more affordable. It’s important to us to be sure that we stay at the forefront without adding risk. That’s why we’re constantly evaluating, reviewing, and investing at the right time.

Advanced Dental Care Technologies at Work for You

If you’re one of the many patients we’ve served across generations, you might have noticed some of the changes and upgrades in dental care technology. But we have newer patients and younger patients who might not realize how things have changed over the years. We thought you’d be interested in learning about some of the advancements that help keep you healthy and comfortable during your dental treatments. We’ve employed new technologies in four primary categories:

  1. Dental X-Ray Imaging: Who remembers photo development darkrooms? That’s what we used to have to do to develop your dental x-rays, and the pictures took up to 5 minutes each. Now we get them in seconds on a screen! It saves more than time though: it’s also more comfortable for you. We’ll give you the big picture.
  2. Crown Creation: You’re probably used to crowns and bridges requiring multiple appointments and weeks of waiting. That’s because the labs that make the teeth require the time for production and shipping. Now, we offer same-day crowns in our Romeoville office! Carve out a few minutes to learn how we do it.
  3. Preparing Teeth for Fillings and Other Procedures: Dental tools — and the sounds they make — are sometimes are at the root of fear and anxiety, but they’re essential to dental care. Fortunately, there’s been progress in how things like drills work, making them quieter and less scary. Listen up for more on dental tool technology.

Patient Experience and Administration: You’ll see technology everywhere in our office, not just in the dental chair. From how you check in to how we keep track of your secure records, nearly everything has a digital component now. We’ll let you know when it’s time to click through to our office technology overview.

Drilling Down on Advanced Technologies

Technology has been top of mind as we’ve been working to get our new office all set up and ready for our office move later in the spring. Over the coming months, we’ll share details of how each technology category has evolved and what we’re using now to take the best possible care of our patients.

For now, we encourage you to ask lots of questions when you’re here for your cleaning or treatments — answering your questions is one of our very favorite things!

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