How to Stop Receding Gums: Don’t Give Them the Brush-Off.

stopping-receding-gumsYou might not be worried just yet about receding gums for you or your kids, but it’s never too early to take the possibility into account and know what to look for. In fact, it can happen to kids too!

It might show up first as sensitive teeth, longer-looking teeth, or widening gaps. There are many reasons for it, from genetics to improper dental care. Here are some ways to stop receding gums in the first place and a few notes on what to do if it’s already advanced. 

Don’t Give Your Gums the Brush-Off

First and foremost, there are things you can do even if your gums have already started to recede to stop or slow the process. As we say all the time, good oral hygiene including regular brushing and flossing is the best preventative measure. 

Here’s where you have a great opportunity to help your kids stop receding gums before they start. Teaching them how to brush their teeth properly is key. That includes starting and continuing them on the right kind of brush with soft bristles.

The way they brush is important, because over brushing can be as harmful as under brushing. Be sure they take their time – at least two minutes – to apply even, gentle pressure in a thorough circular motion across teeth and gums. Same goes for you!

We also always recommend checking with your dentist about possible underlying issues that can contribute to receding gums. That includes periodontitis, gingivitis (inflammation), and plaque build-up. When you stick to a regular schedule of semi-annual cleaning, we can catch gum problems early and determine what to do next.

dentist-checks-mouth-receding-gumsWhat to Do If It’s Too Late to Stop Receding Gums

If you or your kids are already showing advanced gum recession, there are options you can consider with the help of your dentist. 


Orthodontic treatments can help correct some receding gums issues by bringing teeth and gums into better alignment and balance slowly over time. As a bonus, this can make cleaning more effective in the long-run.

Composites, Resins and Veneers

These solutions are more commonly used with older patients. Solutions that can help improve gum appearance and health include fillers (made of composite resin or porcelain) and removable veneers (made of acrylic or silicone) to close gaps and/or cover exposed roots.


In the most severe cases, surgery involving tissue grafting may be a consideration. We would much rather resolve the issue non surgically, and in the best case, preventatively.

Evaluating Your Oral Health to Stop Receding Gums

Whether you’re just learning about receding gums or already concerned about it, the best place to start is with a visit to our office. We’ll help you determine what’s behind the issue, whether there’s time to stop it from getting worse, and how to stop receding gums.

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