Dental office employee works on a tablet while sitting at a desk which also has dental tools on it

Smart Dental Offices Go Digital

Digital Office Patient Experience and Administration Technologies You can find updated technology everywhere in our Palos Heights and Romeoville offices. So far, we’ve focused on technology for dental procedures, including leading technologies like electric drills, digital x-ray imaging, and even same-day crowns. We invest in these proven technologies to make your experience more comfortable and […]

New Technology Rules in Making Dental Crowns

Digital Technology to Help in Making Dental Crowns Brings Smiles Back Faster For a very long time, dental crown technology was cumbersome, requiring a multi-step, multi-week process. Today, the process is digitized and in many cases, it’s even on-site in the office, which speeds things up and simplifies them dramatically. If you’ve ever had a […]

Designed image showing digital x-ray imaging examples representing past and modern technology, along with the Palos Heights Family Dental logo

Digital Dental X-Rays: An Inside Look at Dental Technologies

Technology Investments Matter: Digital Dental X-Rays Pay Off for Patients, Hygienists, and Dentists The practice of dentistry has evolved over centuries or even millennia. The tools we use have gone from very rudimentary to highly advanced. It’s been exciting to see the impact of new technology on our work and on our patients’ experience.  We’re […]