New Technology Rules in Making Dental Crowns

Digital Technology to Help in Making Dental Crowns Brings Smiles Back Faster For a very long time, dental crown technology was cumbersome, requiring a multi-step, multi-week process. Today, the process is digitized and in many cases, it’s even on-site in the office, which speeds things up and simplifies them dramatically. If you’ve ever had a […]

Designed image showing digital x-ray imaging examples representing past and modern technology, along with the Palos Heights Family Dental logo

Digital Dental X-Rays: An Inside Look at Dental Technologies

Technology Investments Matter: Digital Dental X-Rays Pay Off for Patients, Hygienists, and Dentists The practice of dentistry has evolved over centuries or even millennia. The tools we use have gone from very rudimentary to highly advanced. It’s been exciting to see the impact of new technology on our work and on our patients’ experience.  We’re […]

False teeth: Portrait of a smiling young woman, pointing to her teeth, wearing a yellow knitted pullover sweater, isolated blue teal color background

The Truth About False Teeth

National False Teeth Day: Honoring Real Solutions to True and Common Problems Originally, National False Teeth Day was most likely to highlight the importance of good dental hygiene and what can happen if you don’t take good care of your teeth. That’s always important, but we think it’s also helpful to understand the range of […]

A woman smiles while eating dark chocolate

Swooning Over Dark Chocolate

Ditch the Guilt: Go for Dark Chocolate During National Chocolate Lovers Month, and Beyond! You may have felt some guilt as you bit into your Valentine’s Day chocolates, but if your sweetie went for the dark chocolate, we hope you let go of the guilt and just enjoyed it.  Did you know that February doesn’t […]

Dental sealant treatment: Dentist uses dental tools on young patient

Dental Sealant Treatments

Seal the Deal on Healthy Teeth for National Children’s Dental Health Awareness Month with Dental Sealants Children’s dental health is important every single day, but there’s a difference each February – people are actually talking about it! That’s because February is National Children’s Dental Health Awareness Month. Every year, the American Dental Association (ADA) designates […]

Dental Technologies: Dentist Shows X-ray on Tablet

Staying Invested in Advanced Dental Care Technologies

Palos Heights Family Dental Keeps Patients at the Forefront of Proven Dental Technologies Dental technologies date back as far as 7000 BC, according to the History of Dentistry website. And the need for dental care dates back even further. Imagining what that might have meant back then is almost impossible, and definitely unpleasant. But over […]

Palos Heights Family Dental staff participate in team building exercises

Team Building Among the Trees

Dental Office Team Members Visit Morton Arboretum for Fun, Improv and Team Building You might think that we’re either in the office thinking about our patients or out of the office thinking about other things. But the truth is, we are all so connected and committed to our patients that we make time out of […]