New Palos Heights Family Dental lobby

See Inside the New Palos Heights Family Dental Center

If you haven’t visited our new Palos Heights Family Dental office following the summer move, we’re excited to give you a look inside as we close out 2022. This new modern facility, located at 6446 West 127th Street, Suite #1, in Palos Heights, gives us more flexibility with scheduling and additional opportunities to care for […]

A woman looks in a mirror while performing a self-exam for mouth cancer

Knowing the Risks of Mouth Cancer Can Improve Your Oral Health

Knowing the Risks of Mouth Cancer Can Improve Your Oral Health We often discuss how regular visits to our office can help you maintain good oral hygiene. Did you know those dental visits can also help you screen for oral cancer? National Mouth Cancer Action Month was observed in November, but cancer doesn’t occur once […]

Is a Dental Insurance Plan Necessary?

As we wind down another year, it’s time to start planning for the next one. For many people, this includes decisions about health and dental insurance plans. Are you in the market for a dental insurance plan? Or, do you want to make changes to your current plan for the year ahead? Consider these factors […]

different toothbrushes on blue background, electric toothbrush or plastic toothbrushes

Tips for Brushing Your Teeth Properly

One-third of adults are under-brushing or over-brushing their teeth, according to Dentistry Today. Following National Brush Day earlier this month, let’s revisit proper techniques for brushing your teeth. Start by Choosing the Right Toothbrush When it comes to toothbrushes, advances in technology have led to more options now than ever before. While you may have […]

Carina and her family

Meet Our Newest Dental Hygienist Carina

October is National Dental Hygiene Month—when the emphasis is on good oral health and the important work of our incredible dental hygienists. You interact with a dental hygienist each time you visit our office for routine cleanings. They’re crucial in educating patients on the importance of proper dental care. This year’s observance is extra special […]