A Guide to Getting Your Child Ready for Their First Dental Visit

So, your child’s first visit to the dentist is coming up. They might be scared—after all, children’s shows can display the dentist as a scary and mean place. They might look at it as another boring chore that their parent makes them do. They might even be excited about the new adventure. Whatever your child feels about the dentist, these tips can help your first visit go smoothly and establish a lifelong habit of good dental hygiene.

Start young and stay positive.

Beginning with your child’s first tooth, instill the importance of dental hygiene upon them. Let them know what they can do to keep to their mouths clean themselves such as brushing and flossing but also that a trip to the dentist on a regular schedule constitutes the most important part of keeping their mouths healthy and happy. Tell them you enjoy and appreciate your dentist. If you act afraid or annoyed by a dentist visit, your child will mirror your opinions. Instead, say that you love the feeling of a clean mouth and the knowledge that your teeth are strong. Teach them the beauty and importance of their precious smile!

Choosing a dentist.

Choosing a dentist is as important for your child as it is for you. You decide where to bring your child and you want to know that the dentist will take good care of your little one’s mouth. To do this, you need to look at what the dentist can do for your child. At Palos Heights Family Dental, services include pediatric exams and cleanings and brushing and flossing instructions. Palos Heights Family Dental prioritizes your child’s comfort and will do everything possible to ensure your child’s first visit is a successful visit.

Make the visit fun.

The day of and on your way to the dentist make the idea of the visit fun for your child. You could make up a song to sing in the car or play a game related to the dentist or their mouth. Your child might have questions; make sure to answer these questions truthfully but positively. After the visit, encourage your child to thank the dentist and staff and to share what they liked about their experience with you and the rest of the family. Fun visits for children encourage a lifelong habit of regular dentist visits and dental hygiene.

These suggestions will ensure that getting your child ready for their first dental visit will be a walk in the park. To schedule an appointment for their visit at Palos Heights Family Dental, call (708) 448-­7588 or contact us online.

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