A Broken Tooth is NO Fun. How to Keep Your Family Smiling All Summer

broken-teeth-hard-biteSummer can feel footloose and fancy-free when the sun is shining and the sprinklers are sprinkling. But when it comes to safety, we shouldn’t take our eye off the ball for a minute.

Some of our favorite summertime things can become dangerous situations if we’re not paying attention to what we’re doing. We thought we’d share a few reminders about how to avoid a broken tooth while you’re out having fun this summer.

How to Keep Your Family Smiling All Summer

We’ll get into some nitty gritty suggestions, but there’s one main message to remember if you want to avoid a broken tooth and other injuries this summer: pay attention.

Although it might sound obvious, you’d be surprised by how many stories we hear about kids and adults breaking a tooth because they were breaking one of these simple “rules” by forgetting to focus.

Four Ways to Avoid a Broken Tooth this Summer

broken-teeth-pool-palos-heights1. Don’t Run by the Pool

You’ve heard this a million times, but we can’t say it enough. The concrete area around recreational swimming pools is unforgiving. They’re full of obstacles from deck chairs and   

It can be tempting to head out and just play ball. Sure, it’s easier to leave the gear behind. But the right gear matters during practice and play. Equipment like gloves, helmets, masks, and mouth guards can all help kids, coaches and parents avoid a broken tooth. 

2. Watch Where You Stand, Walk or Swing

Whether you’re on a family walk through the neighborhood, on a baseball diamond or even in the stands, be in the moment. Sidewalks have cracks. When you walk and talk, it’s easy to stumble over an uneven spot, and we’ve seen our share of broken teeth this way. Always keep an eye on where you’re going!

If you’re on the playground, in or at a ballgame, watch where others are too. Kids swing on and off the monkey bars. Batters take practice swings or even throw bats. Even in the stands, a foul ball can land in the wrong place. Like looking both ways before crossing the street, please pause before stepping into harm’s way.  

 prevent-broken-teeth-hard-candy3. Don’t Chomp Carelessly

Cautions food choices are in one big bucket of ways to avoid a broken tooth. From popcorn with kernels to stone fruits with hard pits, and chewy snack bars on the run to sticky hard taffy on vacation, there a lot of popular summer foods that can be a problem if you’re not paying attention.

Regardless of the snack, our advice comes down to one message: Think before you chew. And remember, chewing ice can break a tooth, so leave it in your drinks.

4. Get out of the Grind

Finally, things this year have stayed stressful. We’ll explore that more another time, but for now, please remember that grinding your teeth can result in chips, cracks and eventually a broken tooth. If you and your family have been more stressed than usual and you think you might be grinding, let us know. We might be able to help with a night guard to protect your teeth this summer and beyond.

Keep Cool and Avoid Breaking Teeth

Paying attention to what you’re doing can help avoid an emergency trip to the dentist on an otherwise a carefree summer day. We always love to see our patients, but we do not look forward to emergencies. We want to see you smiling, so stay safe and just come on in for your cleaning.

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