Three Ways Crooked Teeth Can Cause Health Issues

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The way crooked teeth look is enough reason for most people to want to correct them, but there are actually even more advantages to straightening out one’s smile. Crooked teeth can set the ground for a number of other oral health issues, so getting straight teeth isn’t all about appearance—it’s about wellness, too.

Here are some of the health complications that can arise from crooked teeth:

Increased Likelihood of Bacteria Buildup

When your teeth overlap each other, it creates more hard-to-reach nooks and crannies for food particles and bacteria to hide away in. Unless taken care of properly, this can increase your likelihood of developing cavities or gum disease. Having that bacteria left in your mouth can also result in persistent bad breath.

Wear, Tear & Strain

Since the way your teeth fit together affects how you chew, having crooked teeth can actually cause uneven wear on your tooth enamel as well as undue strain in your jaw muscles.

In particular, this wear and tear may make you more vulnerable to cracking or breaking your teeth. Then, difficulty chewing can have extended effects on your digestion and nutrition.

Increased Risk of Dental Injury

If your teeth are crooked in such a way that a tooth or a few teeth jut out, then you may find yourself at more risk of a mouth injury. In fact, a study at the University of Adelaide found a direct link between the amount which a young patient’s teeth protrude and the chance of damaging them.

A Straighter Smile Is Within Reach

More convinced than ever to straighten your teeth? You’ve come to the right place. Palos Heights Family Dental provides orthodontics to help you get a straighter, healthier smile.

We would love to chat with you about how orthodontics can fix any of your teeth misalignment issues and what your personalized treatment plan might look like.

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