Healthy Halloween Treats & Tricks

Infographic Shows Dental Tips for a Healthy Halloween Season

We want to help you and your family have a healthy Halloween while still having Halloween fun. Dr. Umang Patel boiled and toiled it all into this no-trouble infographic. From basic dental health tips to best and worst candy and a sweet idea about what to do with all that extra candy.

You won’t want to miss this: we will accept your extra Halloween candy after the holiday, starting Monday, Nov. 2 – Friday, Nov. 5 during regular business hours. We’ll donate the collected candy to Palo Height’s local first responders on Saturday, Nov. 6. But there’s more! For every donation, we’ll offer a Tooth Care Kit and a complimentary fluoride treatment at your next cleaning. Anyone can donate and you don’t need to be a patient at the practice. Learn more here.

This guide will help you enjoy the holiday more safely.


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