Medications that Could Lead to an Unhealthy Mouth

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The scenario: You were pretty sick a couple of weeks back and your general practitioner started you on antibiotics for your bacterial bronchitis. The bronchitis cleared up, but now your tongue and the lining of your mouth is covered with white patches that sometimes bleed when you brush your teeth or eat. Trusty Dr. Google tells you that it seems you have developed oral thrush? What’s going on?

The answer?

Medications might be the culprit!

That antibiotic, which you definitely needed to clear up your bronchitis, is likely the direct cause of your thrush. Antibiotics upset the normal bacterial balance in your body, allowing the candida fungus – a yeast – to flourish. It is this overgrowth of yeast that causes thrush. Fortunately, in most cases, thrush can be successfully treated with medications. There are, however, many other medication-caused oral and dental problems, some of which are not as easily resolved.

Medications That Can Cause Oral & Dental Problems

You might not know that having a chronically dry mouth, called xerostomia, can lead to a multitude of oral and dental problems, from bad breath to dental decay and tooth loss. There are hundreds of medications that can cause xerostomia, including many common over-the-counter medications from antacids to antihistamines.

Tetracycline and other similar antibiotics can cause mild to severe staining of the teeth if used on patients younger than 10 years old. Fortunately, in this country, we now know not to prescribe such antibiotics to those under ten.

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