Palos Heights Family Dental Staff Q&A: Dr. Nina Arora

We’ve Got the Scoop on Dr. Nina Arora

We feel like we know you pretty well, and we certainly hope that the feeling is mutual! Getting to know you personally is our greatest joy next to keeping you smiling. It’s personal to us, so we want to share more about who we are. We’ve shared some fun facts about Dr. Nina Arora and the other doctors on our website in the past. Some things have changed, like welcoming Dr. Sheikh to the practice and adapting to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Other things have stayed the same, like her love of tacos, and of course, her patients. We channeled our inner journalists to get more of the scoop to share with you all.

Q&A with Palos Heights Family Center Staff Member Dr. Nina Arora

Q. You recently had the opportunity to get vaccinated, and things are starting to look up in 2021. As 2020 begins to fade into the rearview, can you share some thoughts on what the past year taught you / brought you?

As tough as it’s been, I enjoyed the slower, quieter time to reflect and reset. I appreciated having the chance to consider my priorities and get back to them; cut out the fluff and focus on what’s really important. 


Q. What are some of the things you’ve been enjoying the most during the extra time at home? Do you still love taco night?

That’s funny, I guess I’m pretty predictable that way. Yes, taco night is still a favorite for my husband and me! We’re constantly experimenting with new fillings and ways to mix up our tacos. Lately, we’ve been enjoying tempeh tacos. Tempeh is made from soy, and it really absorbs the flavors around it. 

I have several hobbies that I have continued to enjoy throughout the time at home. I’m a huge reader, and I’ve always loved music, acting and comedy.  I’ve been doing Improv comedy for about 12 years, and I recently started playing guitar. I’ve dabbled in various kinds of music, just learning the basics. It’s too bad I’m not much of a singer, though I did try that too!


Q. Improv sounds like a valuable skill in a year as crazy as 2020. Do you think it helped you roll with the punches?

Absolutely! Improv teaches life lessons, like how to say yes to whatever life throws at you, how to make the most of it and have fun with it. 


Q. Seems like you have reading in common with your fellow dentists in Palos Heights. Any book recommendations?

Yes! I truly love reading. It’s one of my biggest hobbies! My current favorite book is Sapiens by Uvall Hurari, but I like to read everything from fiction to nonfiction.


Q. Speaking of Palos Heights, you’ve lived and worked in the area a long time! What keeps you here?

I’ve been in the Chicagoland area for over 15 years, and I truly love all the city and the suburbs have to offer. From growing up in Monmouth, Illinois southwest of here to attending dental school in Chicago, I’m just deeply rooted here. My parents, siblings, other family, and friends are nearby, including seven nieces and nephews I adore. It’s just home.


Q. As much as you love home, you’ve also said you love to travel, especially to the mountains. Are you a hiker? 

That’s true, my husband and I love hiking and outdoor activities, particularly in the mountains. We haven’t done any major climbs, but our trip of a lifetime (so far!) was to Patagonia. Hiking there was just the most amazing thing.


Q. Where will you go next once travel is back in the picture?

Mountains are great, but family is better! The first thing we’ll do is visit family for sure. But after that, we really want to visit the Canadian Rockies


Q. What else do you want your patients to know about you?

I just really, really enjoy my job! I love both of our offices and the environment. We have an amazing team in Palos Heights, and I’m truly proud to work with them!


Q. Well that’s a great segue back to the topic of being a dentist. You often talk about wanting patients to feel like family. What does that mean to you, and how do you make it happen?

Treating patients like family means all the things. It means giving absolute respect, honesty, safety, and comfort. It means helping them understand what’s happening with their dental care, what their choices are, and what their role is in it. It even means having fun! And it means delivering the best quality care and standing by our work, from start to finish to follow up. 

It helps that we treat so many whole families across generations. Sometimes they come in together, but sometimes they just run into each other here! Then it’s like a family gathering, with cousins laughing in different rooms while we clean their teeth. I don’t think we can say too often how much we love getting to know our patients, serving whole families, and watching our youngest patients grow through the years.


Q. Can you share a little bit more about treating children? What do you recall about your childhood dentist, and how do you carry that forward to your patients?

When I was growing up, I just remember my dentist always being kind. That’s the most important thing, but it’s more than that. We like to make it as fun as possible to make them forget about any fear or anxiety they might bring in with them. With kids, we’re allowed to get more silly. I like to make up silly songs. That makes it more fun for me too!

But the truth is that easing tensions and making people laugh is important for all ages. It’s bad enough that there is discomfort in the treatment process sometimes, but on top of that, dentists are portrayed in such negative ways in movies and media. I understand why people feel nervous when they come here for the first time. But when we are able to pair the patient with the right dentist and hygienist, take their mind off the process, and keep them healthy, that’s just the best feeling. A little laughter goes a long way!


That’s a wrap on our chat with Dr. Arora. Keep an eye out next month for our first Palos Heights Dental Hygienist Q&A, and in case you missed it, check out our Q&As with Dr. Umang Patel and Dr. Saba Sheikh.


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