A woman smiles while eating dark chocolate

Swooning Over Dark Chocolate

A woman smiles while eating dark chocolate

Ditch the Guilt: Go for Dark Chocolate During National Chocolate Lovers Month, and Beyond!

You may have felt some guilt as you bit into your Valentine’s Day chocolates, but if your sweetie went for the dark chocolate, we hope you let go of the guilt and just enjoyed it. 

Did you know that February doesn’t just love chocolate on the 14th? It’s actually designated as National Chocolate Lovers Month! That’s why we thought now would be the perfect time for us to give you some tasty reasons to choose more cocoa-rich chocolate when you have a sweet tooth at any time of year.

Why Choose Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate pieces crushed and cocoa beans, culinary background, top view
Studies have linked small amounts of dark chocolate with a big boost of happiness.

One thing should be clear: we’re not suggesting that ANY candy is better for

you than healthy fruits, vegetables, milk, and protein to satisfy your between-meals cravings. But among candy options, dark chocolate is a superstar. There are several reasons:

  1. Safer for Biting: This might seem really basic, but that’s true about most components of oral health. Of all the candies you can choose, dark chocolate is one of the best options for your teeth, because it’s not sticky, and it’s generally not hard enough to crack a tooth. Every decision matters when it comes to taking care of your teeth!
  2. Anti-Oxidants: Dark chocolate comprised of 50–90% cocoa also contains anti-oxidants, which are linked to heart health and reduced risk of cancer. We know that your overall health and your dental health are deeply intertwined, so we’re fans of the anti-oxidants and other “superfoods” it contains.
  3. Pro-Endorphins: Many studies have linked small amounts of dark chocolate with a big boost of happiness. We’re not going to argue with that. Happiness is as good for dental health as it is overall. We’re for things that help reduce stress and keep you smiling!
  4. Anti-Carcinogens: Studies have shown that cocoa, derived from the cacao plant and the primary ingredient in dark chocolate, contains certain chemicals that demonstrate anti-carcinogenic and antibacterial action. That means it could actually help fight cavities at some level. That’s just a bonus — never stop brushing and flossing!

Savor Those Chocolatey Treats

We hope you received or chose a beautiful box of lovely dark chocolates to enjoy this year rather than the cute-but-brittle sweetheart message candies! If you’re still shopping for your National Chocolate Lovers Month favorites, look for a minimum of 50% cacao to make the most of your craving.

And of course, stick to your routine and come on in to see us for your semi-annual cleaning!

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