What Is The Best Dental Floss?

I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times, “you should be flossing more”, “flossing is just as important as brushing”, “you miss cleaning 30% of your teeth without flossing”, etc. While it’s true that flossing is extremely important for your pearly whites, that’s not what were going to talk about today. You may have noticed that in the store there are many different types of dental floss, but which one is best for our teeth?

What is the best dental floss?

Traditional Nylon Floss

nylon floss

Nylon floss is the most common dental floss. It doesn’t matter whether it is flavored or non-flavored, waxed or un-waxed, thick or thin, as long as you use it regularly! We suggest that you find the right thickness to match your teeth so you don’t have to struggle to fit the floss in-between. Dental floss should glide into the space between your teeth easily for a nice and effective scrub. Image via Reach

Monofilament Floss

Palos Heights Floss

Monofilament floss is a newer kind of dental floss that, just like nylon floss, is made of string, but this string designed not to break or rip like nylon floss has a tendency to do. It comes in many types of flavors and thickness, and some find it glides between their teeth easier than nylon floss. Image via Oral-B

Dental Tape

Dental Tape

Dental tape resembles the wide and thin shape of a ribbon. Many people find this floss is easier to fit in-between teeth so it can be a good starter floss for younger children or adults who don’t floss often. It is also a good option for those with larger gaps between their teeth. Image via Oral-B

Floss Picks

Floss Pick

Floss picks have become very popular recently because of their convenience and ability to floss “on the go”. The pick holds a small strand of floss at then end of a handle that allows you reach in your mouth easier. Picks aren’t quite as effective as handheld floss because they don’t reach every single angle that should be cleaned. Floss picks don’t allow you to create that “C” shape with the floss that effectively cleans up the tooth. That being said, if you use floss picks in the car or conveniently between meals it can be a very effective cleaning method, as long as you get some traditional flossing in there as well! Image via Oral-B

What’s the verdict?

In the end, every kind of floss is good as long as it is being used. If you find that the floss you’ve been using is difficult to use, try some of these other methods, you may find one that is easier on your teeth! If you still are unsure about which floss you think is best, or want some tips on proper flossing techniques, come in and we’ll show you how!

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